Who can apply?

Young Global Pioneers connects young talents, who are ambitious and curious to find out how they can make their mark as the next generation of responsible global leaders. We believe that both leadership and talent come in many different shapes and sizes. To YGP, leadership and talent are also about striving to make a difference, and having the ambition to make it happen.

YGP strives to put together diverse groups of talents in terms of backgrounds and nationalities for each Learning Journey.

Age-wise, you should be 19-25 years old in order to apply and participate on a 3-week Learning Journey – thus becoming part of the YGP Talent Network.

What happens after submitting your application?

Upon receiving and reviewing your application, Young Global Pioneers might ask for additional information, and selected candidates will be invited to a Skype conversation. The conversation will give you the opportunity to tell us more about yourself, ask questions and allow us to offer you additional information about the Learning Journey and our overall concept – so as to find out whether we are both a good match. Afterwards, we will let you know as soon as possible, if you have been selected to participate on the specific Learning Journey.

Apply below

Your application will not be binding. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay updated – just as you are always welcome to send an email to for additional information.

The below application forms are only for applicants who can fully pay for the Learning Journey themselves or raise the funds privately – or applicants from non-priviliged backgrounds, applying for a YGP Scholarship.

A number of companies are also offering scholarships for YGP Learning Journeys. These scholarships are only per invitation for selected talents or selected universities. For these scholarships, applicants must apply following the specific scholarship procedure stated by the specific sponsor. In this case DO NOT use the below application form.

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