Global Insights

In just 3 weeks, you will gain first-hand experience of local universities and NGO projects focusing on both social and environmental aspects. You will engage with innovative, local entrepreneurs and businesses, and you will experience the culture, music, and art as well as get an understanding of the history of the country.

Our Learning Journey is designed to give you a broad understanding of the country you visit – its history and present as well as its future challenges – and to allow you to meet local, young people with very different backgrounds. To inspire you. And to be inspired by you.


On a Learning Journey, you will learn about some of the significant challenges and trends that shape the region you visit, as you will engage with fascinating people, businesses and organizations that will present you with vast global insights and new perspectives.

The Learning Journey also includes formal lectures on global issues such as globalization, human rights, social entrepreneurship, global business, climate change, circular economy and emotional intelligence.

During the 3-week Learning Journey you will reflect upon your own view on responsible leadership in the next generation while stimulating your innovative reflection on global challenges.

“We need to engage more young leaders in our society and give them a voice when the future is being discussed and shaped”
– Quote from participant, now part of the first YGP Talent Network