Intercultural competencies

At Young Global Pioneers, we see a growing demand for intercultural competencies. They are becoming an increasingly important factor for a successful career in the global economy.

A Learning Journey aims to challenge mental models, releasing you of prejudice and train your empathy, thereby allowing you to build a deeper appreciation for diversity. This will also give you a better understanding of your own cultural heritage. All in all, the focus on global insights and networking opportunities will contribute to your intercultural competencies.


Eye-level meetings with young peers from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds will both build and shape your confidence and understanding from a global perspective, and further help bring you up-close and personal with cross-border friendships that could last a lifetime.

Interactions and eye-level meetings can have long-lasting impacts and influence your mental models. It changes your understanding of the world and your attitude toward other cultures, when you share mind-opening experiences, take part in teamwork exercises and reflect on global issues together. Read more about how facilitated reflections are included on each Learning Journey.


Young Global Pioneers aspires to foster global empathy and stimulate emotional intelligence on each Learning Journey. Through teamwork, dialogue and reflection within the group, you will develop relations and cross-culture friendships with peers from all over the world with different backgrounds, allowing you greater cultural understanding and emotional intelligence. Also, the Learning Journey includes formal sessions on emotional intelligence.