Young Global Pioneers is very fortunate to have had the YGP Learning Architecture kindly developed by Professor Subramanian Rangan, Professor of Strategy, INSEAD.

The learning architecture centers around YGP’s mission to ignite global curiosity, empathy and aspiration in the next generation. On each Learning Journey, the activities and  facilitated reflections have been created upon the four cornerstones of our learning architecture – Travel, Adventure, Peer Interaction and Reflection.

“We have had diverse, deep and controversial discussions with people from different countries that revealed new perspectives on political conflicts, religion and culture”
– Quote from participant, now part of the first YGP Talent Network


The learning on a 3-week Learning Journey with YGP is partly based on intuitive learning that focuses on experience, engagement and dialogue in combination with facilitated reflections. You will learn through eye-level meetings, first-hand experiences, teamwork and peer-to-peer investigation and reflection as opposed to the formal learning setting you are familiar with from school and university. YGP presents you with a way to tap into the possibilities generated when young talents get together to share exciting experiences and new knowledge. On a Learning Journey, you will be given the opportunity to relate to your peers in a genuine and authentic environment, where learning and developing are keywords – for everyone participating.

Intuitive learning – learning through seeing, feeling and experiencing – requires background information as a proper framework for understanding. Thus, all participants are required to do some preparation before the Learning Journey; and each day on the Learning Journey will typically start with a formal introduction to the topic of the day.