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The YGP Learning Architecture for each Learning Journey was kindly developed by Professor Subramanian Rangan, Professor of Strategy, INSEAD. The learning architecture centers around YGP’s mission to ignite global curiosity, empathy and aspiration in the next generation. The Learning Journey activities and facilitated reflections were created upon the four cornerstones of our learning architecture – Travel, Adventure, Peer Interaction and Reflection.


The learning on a 3-week Learning Journey with YGP was partly based on intuitive learning that focuses on experience, engagement and dialogue in combination with facilitated reflections. Participants learned through eye-level meetings, first-hand experiences, teamwork and peer-to-peer investigation and reflection as opposed to the formal learning setting of a school or university.


On their 3-week Learning Journey, participants learned about some of the significant challenges and trends in the region, through hearing global insights and new perspectives from fascinating individuals, businesses and organizations. The Learning Journey also included formal lectures on global issues such as globalization, human rights, social entrepreneurship, global business, climate change, circular economy and emotional intelligence. During the 3-week Learning Journey participants reflected upon their own position as responsible leadership in the next generation.


The Learning Journey aimed to challenge mental models, remove prejudice and train empathy, allowing participants to build a deeper appreciation for diversity.  The focus on global insights and networking opportunities contributed to improving participants intercultural competencies.


Interactions, eye-level meetings and teamwork with young peers from different cultures can have long-lasting impacts and influence your mental models. Through these interactions, participants developed meaningful bonds and cross-culture friendships with peers from all over the world with different backgrounds, allowing you greater cultural understanding and emotional intelligence through formal coaching sessions.


Every day on the Learning Journey, participants engaged in facilitated reflection activities, to give time to reflect on the day’s many experiences and new insights, while also stimulating innovative reflection on global challenges. Facilitated reflections took the form of:

DAILY REFLECTION HOUR – Occurred daily on the Learning Journey, as a time of reflection on the day’s learning and experiences. Participants were asked to reflect individually, in smaller groups and together with the entire group.

BUZZ-TALKS – Were a time of peer-to-peer investigation, curiosity, and reflection that revolve around global issues and challenges, and/or cultural understanding.