Young Global Pioneers aspires to make the learning experience intuitive through eye-level experiences and inspiring encounters with local businesses, universities, NGO’s and local communities. On each Learning Journey, we aspire to build competence, community and character:


International insights and intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important factors for a successful career in the global economy. Your Learning Journey will challenge your mental models, releasing you of prejudice, inspiring empathy, and thereby allowing you to build a deeper appreciation for diversity. Through visits to businesses and a university, meetings with young entrepreneurs and group reflections with your peers, you will gain global insights.

The Learning Journey will also give you a better understanding of your own cultural heritage. Your experiences will broaden your perspective of cultures and traditions outside of your own.

All in all, the focus on global insights and networking opportunities will contribute to expand your horizon and provide you a global business and humanistic perspective.


Networking is often considered the key to success. Not just in business, but also life in general. When you go on a Learning Journey with Young Global Pioneers, you will build trust and create personal relationships through eye-level meetings with other young talents from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Together you will form your own YGP Talent Network, which YGP will continue to support for life-long friendships and global inspiration long after your Learning Journey has ended. You will become a part of a growing network of global talents.


YGP aims to inspire the next-generation to become responsible, global-minded leaders. Your Learning Journey will challenge you to branch out of your comfort zone, ultimately giving you a head start toward broadening your mindset of the world around you. You will learn to navigate in different communities, engage with people of different backgrounds, and meet “living examples” of young successful entrepreneurs – all aspects that will teach you life changing lessons, ultimately giving you the confidence to reach higher and leave your mark on the world.


In order to make sure that you have had a rewarding experience with YGP as well as to further strengthen our approach and overall set-up, Young Global Pioneers evaluates all our Learning Journeys.

Our main evaluation parameters includes:

  • Satisfaction with the overall Learning Journey and the various activities
  • Improved level of intercultural competencies and global insights
  • Increased perception of participants’ own ability to influence the world
  • Strength of network