Kick-start your global YGP Talent Network on a 3-week Learning Journey with Young Global Pioneers! The group travelling together form the talent network each consisting of approx. 25 selected talents, between the ages of 19-25. Coming from a broad range of countries and diverse backgrounds, the talents are all ambitious and curious and aspire to make their mark on the world. When travelling together on the Learning Journey you will gain global insights and intercultural competencies, all while engaging in mind opening experiences.


A 3-week Learning Journey is tailored to be unique, concentrated and inspiring.

The Learning Journey gives you the opportunity to meet local counterparts from various backgrounds, take part in university and business visits, meet young elite entrepreneurs, see historic sites, experience local art, music and culture as well as gain insights into both social and environmental NGO projects. These experiences and encounters will give you new perspectives on responsible leadership, while stimulating innovative reflection on global challenges.

The next YGP Talent Network will be kick-started next summer on a 3-week Learning Journey in Tanzania & Zanzibar.


Through mutual experiences and learning, the Learning Journey will be your chance to build strong friendships and a lasting and diverse network consisting of ambitious and curious talents from all over the world. Upon completion of the Learning Journey, Young Global Pioneers will continue to support and facilitate the talent network for life-long friendships and global inspiration.

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