Learning Journeys & Pricing

The upcoming Learning Journeys:

Tanzania & Zanzibar – July/August 2019

Tanzania & Zanzibar – July/August 2019

July/August 2019

End July 2019, our 3-week Learning Journey will take start in Tanzania. The Learning Journey goes through Arusha, Ngorongoro, and Zanzibar and concludes in Dar es Salaam.

Global and diverse talents

The network will consist of approx. 20-25 curious and ambitious talents between the ages of 19 to 25, coming from a broad range of countries and diverse backgrounds. Together, you will embark on an inspiring Learning Journey to a fascinating country undergoing great development and transformation.

3-week Learning Journey

On the Learning Journey, you and your peers build relationships and form your own life-long YGP Global Talent Network. You will learn from and inspire each other, while engaging in mind opening experiences and daily facilitated reflections. On the 3-week Learning Journey and within our intuitive learning architecture, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the culture, history, opportunities and challenges of the region
  • Engage with local businesses and universities
  • Meet up with young elite entrepreneurs
  • Engage with youth from SOS Children’s Village
  • Learn about circular economy and emotional intelligence
  • Spend a day on a safari, spotting lions, elephants, hippos, zebras, etc.
  • Experience local art, music and customs
  • Spend time with diverse young people from Tanzania and Zanzibar

Optimism, innovation and challenges

In Tanzania & Zanzibar, you will meet fascinating local cultures and experience extraordinary landscapes as well as sprawling cities – all while getting insights into the challenges affecting the region. You will experience how a country is developing at full speed and exploring new opportunities due to new technology, while also tackling the many socio-economic issues still present. During your time there, you will be introduced to eye-opening contrasts. Hopefully you will both inspire and be inspired, and as a result gain new perspectives global challenges and responsible leadership in the next generation.

Booming small businesses and entrepreneurship in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in rapid change and development that has experienced high growth rates over the past decades. In Tanzania you will visit universities and meet young elite entrepreneurs who have great ambitions on behalf of their home country. You will also visit both local and international businesses to learn about regional challenges and doing business in Tanzania.

SOS Children’s Village

Many children in Zanzibar are not able to grow up with their own parents. Up to 110 children currently live in a SOS Children’s village – in SOS families – where they are taken care of by SOS mothers. During their upbringing, the children will finish both primary and secondary education in the SOS schools. While you are in Zanzibar, you will have the opportunity to visit the SOS Children’s village and to engage with former SOS children, now your own age.


Tanzania is home to an astonishing biodiversity which you will experience first-hand when going on safari. You will spend a day in the Ngorongoro crater on an adventurous safari, spotting for lions, elephants, zebras, hippos, and giraffes – just to mention a few. Additionally, you will learn about the challenges and projects related to endangered species and conflicts between wildlife and humans.

Working under the sun

Tanzanian economy is highly dependent upon its agriculture, employing 75% of the workforce, approx. Local African farmers have a hard time competing – both in domestic and global markets – with farmers from developed countries. During your stay in Tanzania, you will learn about the developments made in the area, to allow you a greater understanding of one of the main challenges of the country. You will visit a local farm, experiencing the everyday life of an African worker. Under the blazing sun, you will gain a better understanding and appreciation of how it is to live and work in Tanzania.


The coral reefs surrounding Zanzibar support extraordinary biodiversity. You will engage in related teamwork and learn about how climate change and the associated increase in the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere threaten the future of coral reefs all round the world. As you are the generation charged with solving the climate challenge, this will be an opportunity for you and your peers to discuss and reflect upon your role as next generation responsible leaders.

Network planning at the beach

During the last days of the Learning Journey, YGP has planned time for relaxing by the sea and for planning your future YGP Global Talent Network before heading home. The group setting will render you the opportunity to reflect on your many different impressions and learning experiences from your stay in Tanzania. You will be able to work on building a lasting network through specific activities, so that you and your fellow peers can keep in touch long after returning home to your respective parts of the world. YGP will continue to support and facilitate the YGP Global Talent Network for life-long friendships and global inspiration.

Under “Network” in the main menu, you can read about our previous networks, and in our blog (under Travel) you can read in more details about the previous Journeys.


If you want to apply for participation, please read Apply.

Price for non-scholarship participants

EUR 3,500

Included in the price

Accommodations (which can range from hostels and lodges to small huts in local villages), local transport within Tanzania and Zanzibar, entrance fees, ALL meals, ALL activities, local guides as well as all learning and team work activities facilitated by a Learning Journey mentor.

Not included in the price

International flights to and from your home country. Other non-included expenses are: pocket money, visa, insurances and vaccines.

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