Learning Journey Mentor & Co-mentors

Learning Journey MENTOR

Throughout each Learning Journey, a YGP Learning Journey Mentor will facilitate learning activities and group dynamics. The Mentor will be present in every aspect of the Learning Journey ensuring that all participants feel included. The Learning Journey Mentor is typically a young adult, who may have participated in a previous Learning Journey and who has been trained intensively in the YGP learning process. On the Learning Journey, there will also be certified local guides assisting with in-depth local knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, a broad range of dedicated people such as university professors, leaders of NGO projects, artists, creative entrepreneurs, etc. will all be an important part of shaping each Learning Journey – ensuring that the participants are present in every sense of the word when visiting, exploring and gaining new perspectives with YGP.


All participants will be assigned a day on the Learning Journey, where they are expected to act as co-mentors, assisting the official YGP Learning Journey Mentor. Co-mentors are meant to take joint responsibility for the day’s activities and the group dynamics on the specific day.