After the Learning Journey

Returning home from a YGP Learning Journey and having established friendships with peers from a wide range of countries and with diverse backgrounds, is truly mind opening. Through a dedicated closed group on Facebook, as well as virtual learning and networking activities your network will move forward long after the Learning Journey itself. On the last few days of each Learning Journey, you and your peers will spend time planning your future YGP Talent Network. You will also elect a steering committee, two participants who are in charge of putting in extra effort to maintain the network. Every second year after the Learning Journey, the network will have to re-elect new members of the steering committee. YGP will continue to facilitate and support your network.


Global Reflections has been developed by YGP as one way for the YGP Talent Networks to keep in touch and continue to inspire each other even long after the Learning Journey has ended. During the Global Reflections you and your peers will catch up with each other in smaller groups on Skype and discuss and reflect upon a given global issue. Relevant preparation material about the topic of discussion will be sent to all participants beforehand. Global reflections will be hosted four times a year, every three months and are supported by the YGP office.


Young Global Pioneers is a non-profit social-economic business with an impact model based on organizational partnerships as well as volunteer engagement.

After participating on a learning Learning Journey, we hope that you and/ or some of your fellow Learning Journey peers would like to play an active role in developing and growing YGP. Therefore, we offer a variety of opportunities to work as volunteers within our organization; opportunities that will be further strengthened over time.

Please contact the YGP administration here, if you would like to learn more.