Young Global Pioneers connects ambitious and curious talents, who aspire to become next-generation responsible leaders. To Young Global Pioneers, leadership and talent is about striving to make a difference and having the ambition to make it happen.

Learning & Networking Lab

At Oxford University in August 2021, Young Global Pioneers will host a Learning & Networking Lab for all Young Global Pioneers alumni from around the world. This will be a by invitation-only event. In September/October 2021, Young Global Pioneers will provide application details for other talented youths to apply for a Learning and Networking Lab in 2022.

Learning Journey

Young Global Pioneers hosted five Learning Journeys (2015-2019), where groups of highly-talented youth, aged 19-25, from all over the world came together to build strong relationships and form a life-long YGP Global Talent Network. On each 3-week Learning Journey, Young Global Pioneers participants learned from and inspired each other, engaged in mind opening learning activities, adventures, lectures and daily facilitated reflections.

Global Talent Network

The YGP Global Talent Network has been established across five Learning Journeys and consists of 112 talented and hand-picked members from 28 countries around the world. Ongoing learning and networking for all members is facilitated by Young Global Pioneers, through formal, quarterly online seminars and other online activities to maximize engagement.