Inspiring the next generation of responsible leaders

Packed with activities, lectures and field trips, YGP gave the talented group of global peers transformative first-hand experiences with fascinating leaders and entrepreneurs from exciting projects, local universities and innovative organizations. By doing this, we aim to ignite global curiosity, empathy and aspiration in the next generation of responsible leaders.

“This journey has exceeded my expectation about the possibilities of learning and the ability to change the world for the better.” – Evaluation quote by participant

Program of the 3-week Learning Journey

Throughout the Learning Journey, YGP strived to provide the Global Talent Network with a variety of unique experiences and learning opportunities, all designed to ignite curiosity, a sense of responsibility, and stimulate their ability to think outside of the box.

The Learning Journey was packed with activities, lectures, and adventures to give a broad introduction to Tanzania as well as overall global trends and challenges. A few examples:

  • Meeting young elite entrepreneurs passionate about changing their communities
  • Learning from Masai women engaged in advocating women’s rights
  • Visiting a coffee farm, and meeting different tribes
  • Engaging with locals during a 3-day stay at SOS Children’s Village in Zanzibar
  • Workshops on SDG’s and circular economy
  • A lecture on bio-diversity followed by exploring coral reefs and mangroves
  • Insights into social entrepreneurship, globalization, global business,climate change, and emotional intelligence.

The Learning Journey also included deep conversations within the group (teamwork and structured BUZZ-talks) as well as Reflection Hour every evening. The interaction between the participants was open and honest – filled with joy and fun – both in formal and informal situations.

Participants from diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds

The YGP 2018 Global Talent Network consists of a group of 24 talents, age 19-25, selected from  thousands of candidates. They come from 15 different countries: Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Vietnam, and USA. The variety in nationalities represented in the group ensures great cultural diversity, and helps to challenge preconceived notions about a given culture or nationality. Due to our scholarship model, participants from non-privileged backgrounds are also able to participate.

Partnerships for finding and shaping the next generation of leaders

This year’s Learning Journey could not have happened without the incredible help
and support from our Scholarship Partners. The 2018 Scholarship Partners are: Accenture, Carlsberg Bequest, CA Technologies, Sabanci, and Sberbank.

The Global Talent Network continues for years to come

The network established on this Learning Journey will continue for years to come through quarterly online seminars as well as other networking activities – both arranged by YGP and independently by the young talents.

Learning Journey Outcomes

We strive to perfect our Learning Journey to maximize its impact on our young talents. This year, we have received great feedback from our participants on how the Journey has influenced them. Here are a few key outcomes from the 2018 Learning Journey:

  • In the participant’s self-evaluation it is stated that the majority of the participants strongly agree that the journey has inspired them to make a difference in the world, challenged their traditional ways of thinking and stimulated them to be open-minded towards different cultures.
  • The participants gained deep insights in cultural differences and had many inspiring discussions about global challenges
  • The participants acquired a mature understanding of Tanzania’s cultures, challenges and opportunities – as well as witnessed how globalization is affecting the region
  • New friendships were established across countries, cultures and backgrounds. Further, the group has developed a formal network structure to assist them in continuing to inspire and help each other. Quarterly online seminars will form an important part of keeping the networks alive and vibrant.

“The Learning Journey has been a heavy-weight learning and adventure put together. The group diversity has increased my knowledge of global insights and deepened my curiosity. Additionally, my perception about different cultures has really improved. It really was an experience of a lifetime.” – Evaluation quote by participant