About Young Global Pioneers

Our vision is to inspire young talents to become responsible leaders engaged in developing solutions for a better world. We do this by facilitating global insights and engagement, aiming at enhancing intercultural skills, curiosity, empathy and ambitions to make a mark.

The YGP Global Talent Network consists of 112 hand-picked members from 28 countries, developed across five interacting journey alumni groups.

All YGP Global Talent Network members have participated in a 3-week Learning Journey. The Learning Journey groups consisted of 20-25 talented youth, selected from thousands of applicants from many different countries and backgrounds. The Learning Journeys were packed with intuitive learning activities, lectures and field trips, combined with inspiring discussions with leaders and entrepreneurs, giving a broad introduction to global trends and challenges.

The learning Journey activities were co-developed in partnership with global companies, leading universities, Global Shapers from World Economic Forum, SOS Children’s Village, and other affiliate organizations from around the world.

At Young Global Pioneers, we are currently innovating our impact model.