Learning with Young Global Pioneers is all about intuitive learning on a 3-week Learning Journey. Our approach is to provide learning in a different and intuitive way based on experience, engagement and dialogue in combination with facilitated reflections. On each Learning Journey, we focus on expanding your global insights and intercultural competencies through eye-level meetings and first-hand experiences. Daily engagement in teamwork and reflection activities with your fellow peers and often together with local youth, contributes to stimulating innovative reflection on global challenges. This forms a great learning platform for you and your group – to learn together and from each other.


The YGP Learning Architecture has kindly been developed by Professor Subramanian Rangan, Professor of Strategy, INSEAD. Our mission is to ignite global curiosity, empathy and aspiration in the next generation.

The Learning Journey activities with lectures, field trips, team work and facilitated reflections have all been designed within our learning architecture.