August 18, 2016

Visiting COWI

While visiting COWI we learned about the Tanzanian business environment and what it is like to do business in Tanzania as an international company. We had some truly interesting presentations on oil and gas projects with a special focus on the Environmental Impact Assessments, culture as a factor in doing business, and COWI’s background.

Moreover, we are so grateful to SOS Children’s village in Dar es Salaam, who made the first part of our stay in the city so wonderful.

Lucas: “In a globalized world, where international businesses are more and more common, being able to adapt and work with different cultures is a crucial factor for a business’ success”.

Paulina: “We need to learn from companies like COWI: From its good activities such as helping the economic growth of Tanzania”.

Elena: “You can’t build good business in a completely different country if you don’t understand it’s people and their culture.”

Yuqi : “Development means investment and protection at the same time, otherwise it is plunder”.