August 7, 2018

4th Industrial Revolution & Personal Reflection

“Are we scared of evolving or being replaced by better versions of ourselves?” This question asked by Aleyna during Reflection hour encapsulated today’s theme.

We started the day with breakfast workshop on the 4th Industrial Revolution and at the end of the day we had great reflections and discussions on the topic. Today was also a day of travelling, marking the end of the first phase of the Learning Journey (Arusha) and the start of the next phase (Zanzibar). During the travel, the participants reflected on their learning from the first nine days of the journey.

Elisa – “The fourth industrial revolution is like a wave, advancing our lives at high speed and with a big scope, and it is our responsibility to make sure everyone can catch it.”

Kyle – “We all seem to agree on where we want to go, but we also have to agree on the path.”