Every day on the Learning Journey, you will engage in facilitated reflection activities, which are intended to give you time to reflect on the day’s many experiences and new insights, while also stimulating innovative reflection on global challenges.

“We should overcome generalization and try to understand different issues by questioning ourselves as well as others. Then, we can form our own opinions”
– Quote from participant, now part of the first YGP Talent Network

Facilitated reflections can take the form of:


Reflection hour will take place every evening on each Learning Journey, and it is meant as a time of reflection on the day’s learning and experiences. You and your peers will be asked to reflect individually, in smaller groups and together with the entire group.


BUZZ-talks are a time of peer-to-peer investigation, curiosity, and reflection that revolve around global issues and challenges, and/or cultural understanding. On the Learning Journey, BUZZ-talks can take place anywhere from a bus ride to the dinner table.


Teamwork activities play an important role on each Learning Journey. Teamwork is an opportunity to work closely together with your group of peers as well as local youth in a setting, which allows you to learn from each other. This will further develop your intercultural competencies and global understanding.


Global Reflections has been developed by YGP as one way for the YGP Talent Networks to keep in touch and continue to inspire each other even long after the Learning Journey has ended. During the Global Reflections you and your peers will catch up with each other in smaller groups on Skype and discuss and reflect upon a given global issue. Relevant preparation material about the topic of discussion will be sent to all participants beforehand. Global reflections will be hosted four times a year, every three months and are supported by the YGP office.