August 9, 2016

Flower Farm & Local Social Business

Working conditions, workers rights and unions were hot topics during our discussions, sparked by a visit to a flower farm, which is part of a larger global business. Thought-provoking discussions arose and the participants shared ideas and ways from their respective countries.

We also visited Shanga, a local social business. Another social business we were able to get aquatinted with was the Youth entrepreneurs, Arumeru land rights. Lastly we celebrated our last night in Arusha with local dancing.

Yuqi: “Do not just give, but help. Having a job is the best way to living a dignified life”.

Zuwena: “Do not look at disabled people with pitiful eyes but with courageous eyes to help change this life for the better”.

Florianti: “It is not about your race, religion, or nationality. It is about having a heart that is able to feel compassion to others”.