August 14, 2019

Personal drive to create change

“Why wait for change, when you can lead it?” is a learning sentence that reflects the theme of the day – personal drive to create change.
Today the participant’s pitched social projects that they have worked on in groups throughout the Learning Journey. The projects covered a diverse range of issues all aiming to address one or many of the SDGs. The projects included: a social food company that would reduce food waste; inexpensive microfilters that would provide better quality water to households; high school education for those who were forced to exit the traditional schooling system; an app driven rental community that would reduce overconsumption and; a project that utilised biogas technology to bring sustainable energy to remote communities.
In the evening, YGP welcomed four accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs, where in small groups the participants were able to interact with our guests over dinner, discussing how to use their talents to create societal change.