August 15, 2018

Responsible Business & Entrepreneurship

“Achieving great purposes start with simple practical steps,” is a Learning Sentence by Olga that captures the learning from today.

We started the day with an insightful visit to Vodacom, where Young Global Pioneers was able to learn about the innovative mobile service M-Pesa, which is helping to create financial inclusion in Tanzania. On our way to the city, participants had lively discussions on responsible business and entrepreneurship.

In the evening, YGP welcomed four accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs – three from World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers and one representing Buni Hub, a local entrepreneurship hub in Dar es Salaam. In small groups, participants were able to interact with our guests over dinner, discussing how to use their talents to create societal change.

“When we view the world from one lens we not only close off our personal growth opportunities but also the opportunity to inspire others, to ignite innovation within themselves” – Jaelyn

“The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and hence there is a need for interdisciplinary thinking, diverse insights and multicultural perspectives” – Ann