August 9, 2018

SDGs, Biodiversity and Circular Economy

“It takes more than just diminishing the negative impact; we must remember how we fit into the ecosystem and learn how to co-exist with it in harmony,” shared by Victoria is an important Learning Sentence for the theme of the day.

Today began with a working breakfast on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), where we used the iceberg model to examine the patterns, underlying structures and mental models behind an issue.

We then spent the day at Zanzibar University with a lecture on Coral Reefs, Mangroves and Seaweeds before diving into a discussion and brainstorming exercise exploring the potential of the Circular Economy.

Ilya – “We can’t wait to make a change because the consequences have already started. It’s time to make our impact.”

Irene – “As future leaders we should learn to think globally and act sustainably.”