August 3, 2018

Social Entrepreneurship for significant change

“With good intentions and the drive to help, you will find ways to do good no matter where you are,” is one of today’s Learning Sentence shared by Ann.

Today the 2018 Learning Journey headed to Anza, an organisations that enables social entrepreneurs, through consulting and hands-on trainings, to kickstart an enterprise or improve business practices. Hearing pitches from three social enterprises, the participants then engaged in rigorous conversations evaluating the impact of each project.  After this process, the participants voted individually to determine how project funding would be allocated to specific initiatives.  The winning initiative was part of a clean water project that works to provide fresh water, employment & reusable water storage. The two runner up initiatives were learning equipment for an affordable private school initiative and a vocational training institute. With these experiences and differing opinions, here are more Learning Sentences for today:

Victoria – “Communication is key to convey a message, obtain support, and infect others with great ideas.”

Hassan – “Any challenge that you are facing in your life it is not a stumble, but it is opportunity for you to achieve your goals when you succeed to solve a challenge.”