August 4, 2016

Swahili Lesson, Cooking Class, Volcanic Lake & More

The third day of the Learning Journey was filled with learning activities: the young talents began their day with their daily Swahili lesson and drove to a local market where they put their skills to good use in bargaining for various ingredients they later used in their Tanzanian cooking class. On top of that, the participants also visited a volcanic lake that was 700 meters deep!

The day also had a more serious theme in the evening; a BUZZ- talk, a movie and a reflection hour about the genocide in the neighbouring country, Rwanda. What can an international community learn from such a tragic incident, and how can we work together to prevent this from happening in the world we live in today, and in the future? Some of the key learnings include:

Tiana: “If you see something morally wrong and do nothing to stop it, you too are a part of the problem”.

Innocent: “Rules and laws can be bent a little bit when the loss of lives is at stake”.