July 10, 2023

The Youth is The Future

Looking back at the YGP Learning and Networking Lab in Oxford, August 2022:
52 young talents from the YGP Global Talent Network – from all corners of the world – travelled to Oxford University, UK, to examine global challenges through meaningful interactions with leaders from business, academia and global institutions. Furthermore, more than 30 additional talents from the network participated actively online.

The Oxford event took place over 5 days, and also included a 2-day Hack with UNLEASH, where the participants were given a chance to collaborate in-person and come up with new, innovative ideas to address climate challenges (SDG 13), whilst developing skills in intercultural understanding, responsible leadership, and innovation.

The young talents in YGP’s network have been handpicked among thousands of candidates, and one of the main missions of YGP has been to ignite their understanding of the positive impact they themselves can have on the world. In that way, the YGP organization has continuously sought to inspire responsible and conscious future leaders, ready and willing to take on the social, environmental, and economic challenges of tomorrow.

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