August 10, 2017

Visiting the Danish Embassy & Local Market

Visiting the Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam was an amazing experience, with an enlightening presentation on aid, trade and the role of an embassy. A big thank you to the Danish embassy for having us, and for a great presentation on such an interesting topic!

In the afternoon we experienced a local market in Dar es Salaam and in the evening we had our last reflection hour – time flies! Tomorrow we will plan our network, but first, a few of the learnings:

Misha: “Don’t kid yourself by thinking that responsibility is optional.”

Coral: “Haba na haba jujaza kibaba” which is Swahili for “start little by little, and it can become bigger”.

Ebrar: “In order to create progress for social good, we need to ensure that all stakeholders are included and we need to proceed both on institutional and individual levels.”