August 2, 2018

Women’s Rights & Meeting a Maasai community

“Life is not fair for everyone but it is in our hands to make it better.”

A Learning Sentence by 2018 Learning Journey participant, Kaan, reiterates today’s learning about women in leadership, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and gender-rights issues. This was kickstarted by a lecture and discussion on human rights, where the participants agreed that we all have rights but are also duty bearers to ensure the rights of others. In the afternoon we visited a Maasai community where we heard from a group of Maasai women working to eradicate FGM in their communities, while investing in their children’s education through micro-enterprises.

After a cultural performance of local Tanzanian dancing, the Reflection Hour provided more insightful Learning Sentences.

Zena – “If you are not going change the world then nobody else will be bold for change.”

Yury – “The warmth and ability of the Maasai women to not be hardened by their hardships was a testament to their strength.”