July 31, 2018

World Trade & Reflections

Today we dived into learning, combining a morning lecture and discussion on globalization, with a visit to a local coffee farm.

A core component of the YGP Learning Journey is the Reflection Hour. Each evening after activities and experiences, all participants take time to reflect on their learning of the day, individually and then in groups. Spending time in individual reflection enables the participants to transform their experiences and learning into a self-examined understanding of  the issues explored that day. These reflections are synthesised into an individually constructed daily Learning Sentence. Each day we will share a selection of participant Learning Sentences.

Elena – “To achieve successful cooperation one should speak out and hear the other, discussing the things that matter in order to build mutual trust and understanding.”

Simone – “Unions between countries become increasingly important in a world with several competing superpowers.”

Anh – “Genuine curiosity needs to be exercised with empathy and tact.”