August 18, 2015

YGP and Save the Children China

Shandre: ”I learned that a child with an education and skill could make the world their oyster – if you are willing to learn, you open doors to greater opportunities.”

Nicola: ”It was great to see the ”Save the Children”-faces behind the TV-commercials. It helped me to realize that our donations do make a difference.”

Mathias: ”Equip a child with a skill and he or she will repay society by contributing to economic growth and much more.”

Jerome: ”After interacting with Migrant Youth, we all agree that education is an essential tool for your future.”

Today the participants engaged with migrant youth at Save the Children China, where they learned about the important work of empowering migrant youth to help them succeed in their professional and personal lives. Together YGP and local migrant youth engaged in group work and outdoor games – it was a fun-filled day with eye-level meetings, inspiring both global and local peers.